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Fires were
1964 Coyote fire (no pictures)
Tea fire
The Ray fire was one of those off in the distance fires. It came as close as 4 miles to us but was put out before it came close

Picture of the ray fire Picture of the ray fire Picture of the ray fire Picture of the ray fire

The Jesusita fire started down below, to the west of us. It took several days to run north up the backside face of the next mountain to the north of us. On ??? in the evening, because of a strong north wind, came over the top, down and across the south/east face of the mountain and south of us. A spot fire started below our only escape route (gibraltar rd) and slowly started burning up toward the road. It came across below and and south/east of the property into some other properties, then stalled because the wind died in the early morning hours. The spot fire slowly burnt up the hill to the east, crossed the road below the climb rock and continued up the hill into heavy brush All the while we never had any smoke in the property. It was blowing 60-70 MPH North, so strong it blew out all the fire to the north of us. It was 5 days after this fire/wind event, after the winds shifted South, during the day, before any smoke entered Flores Flats Working on pictures . Picture of the jesusita fire
The Thomas fire was/is the closest/ hottest fire so far. It took days to reach us working its way across miles of mountain ranges
This gave us allot of time to prepare for its arrival. Fire crews cut dozer lines and cleared brush in preparing for back burns
Due to strong winds they were unable to drop retardant on the dozer lines so the ran miles of hose lines and hand sprayed the retardant
Some of these burnt hoses are still up there. On the morning of December ??? it ran up the south and east face of the mountains to the north/east of us
Because of a north wind, progressed Towering smoke and flames covered the sky to the east as the fire spread across the the mountain ridge.

santa barbara fire dispatch tones